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February 3, 2012
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February 14, 2012
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“B” is the new A

B is the new A…
By this I mean that all things B are “hot” and “trending” now. These “B”’s I refer to are not casual passing trends rather in the category with classics like; a shaken martini, beige trousers, a well-tailored tux and the little black dress.
Of course I am talking about the “winning” trifecta of Brady, Belichick and Bradley. While Charlie Sheen may have worn out the saying “winning” these gentlemen have not and they are hotter than tabasco sauce. Patriots Quarterback- Tom Brady, Patriots Head Coach- Bill Belichick and PGA Tour Pro – Keegan Bradley all have winning in their blood. Their seasons have been exceptional and it keeps getting better.

Bradley, a true Patriot representing the USA, was the only American to win a major in 2011, by taking home the Wannamaker Trophy at the 2011 PGA Championship. After his win I was fortunate enough to interview Keegan Bradley and include him in the book Two Good Rounds- 19th Hole Stories from the World’s Greatest Golfers. When asked about his favorite moments after his win he states “I am a huge Boston sports fan and when I am not wearing my Cleveland visor I have my Red Sox hat on. Tuesday after the PGA Championship win I woke up and I had a text from Tom Brady, my absolute hero. I almost thought of just keeping it to myself and not telling anyone because that is how much Tom Brady means to me and my career. To get a text from him reaching out to me was a highlight in my career.”

After the Bruins won the Stanley Cup, a defenseman grabbed the Stanley Cup, walked out of this house in Boston and walked around the street with the Cup, and just had people touch it. Bradley was so impressed by the Bruins defenseman’s actions he did the same with the Wannamaker Trophy in Jupiter, Florida. Since then Bradley finished T-22 in the Farmers Insurance Open and by doing so secured the top spot in the 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup standings. (2012 Ryder Cup Points Team Standings as of 1/29/2012)

Brady now seeks his fourth Super Bowl title and in doing so would put him among the greats, Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. (I keep thinking Thank God he has 10 fingers to fit all these rings). Brady is proof that hard work pays off and Paolo Bandini of the Guardian puts it best “Brady was then a game manager – one who studied hard to ensure he would make good decisions on the field and keep his team in positions to win. He did not become the player he is now – widely recognized as one of the greatest of all-time at his position – overnight but through tiny, gradual increments: the fruit of hard work and a refusal to ever be satisfied.” While he is not scheduled to be there this year Brady has been a frequent participant in the AT & T Pebble Beach and is known to play to a 8-10 handicap.

Belichick has done an exceptional job this year by leading the Pats to the Super Bowl. A week after the big show he is playing in the AT & T Pebble Beach. According to Golf World’s Tim Murphy “Belichick is lucky if he gets in 10 rounds a year at Sankaty Head GC in Nantucket, Massachusetts, his home course and learned the game caddying at the US Naval Academy GC( Belichick’s dad, Steve, coached Navy football) He played last years AT& T at Pebble as a 16 handicap”

All three gentlemen confirming B is the new A

No need to remind you that Boston Red Sox, Bruins and Bundchen (as in Gisele) also start with….B ….but I will anyway.
Xo Blisa Baudet


  1. Uncle Leo says:

    Great jobxXXOO. Go Pats

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    howdy. Awesome post and a good blog

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