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July 28, 2012
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September 29, 2012
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Princess and the Tee

Once upon a time in a land far away,
there was a young lady who wanted to play.
A place she had seen only from afar,
she longed to try as she knew she’d be a star.
She prayed to the gods Timing and Tempo,
to give her a chance she promised to shoot low.
Each night before she went to sleep,
the princess had a ritual she would always keep.

Her story a bit different I am sure Hans would agree.
Under her mattress she would place a tee,
and dream of the day she would be under the tree.
As the saying goes “good comes to those who wait”,
she was very patient as she pondered her fate.
In her dreams at night birdies would appear,
and whisper to her the things she wanted to hear.
Eagles that soared to the highest of heights
and crowds that roared to extreme delight.
Visions of pink azaleas in full bloom filled her dreams,
sipping sweet cocktails under umbrellas is more than it seems.
A prince in green was always in sight,
just not a frog to kiss at night.
She awoke one day and to her delight,
there was a letter from Augusta,
An Invite.

Dedicated to Condoleeza. Darla & princesses everywhere.

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