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National GOLF Day. Yes Golf has it’s own day and what many might not know is the important role golf plays in the economy. Like all ecosystems there are multiple levels and golf is no exception. Before you step up to the tee box at your favorite municipal course, private club or watch golf on TV a good many people and events were hard at work to make that possible. While some may turn to a stereotypical idea of “what golf is” this is not about a certain demographic, income bracket or gender that plays the game rather the industry as a business and the economic impact. It is worth taking a deeper look into and having an understanding of golf’s impact with regard to; finance, job employment, charitable giving and health benefits. Golf is a very important and viable industry similar to automotive, agriculture or film and along with job creation there is a real and important economic impact.


The scope of golf and what it means to us as a nation.

Fast facts:

  • Approximately 52 million golfers worldwide
  • Approximately 26 million in the USA
  • 98 million jobs supported as a result of golf
  • Golf is a $68.8 Billion dollar industry
  • Approximately 15,350 golf facilities in the US accounting for 2,000,000 plus acres of green space
  • Charitable impact of golf’s giving back (3.9 billion in 2011) is greater than the MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL combined.
  • Nine out of 10 golfers play at a public facility accounting for 76% of golf played with the median cost for a round of golf being $26.00.


These statistics paint a much different picture than the general perception of golf. On National Golf Day leaders from various sectors of the golf industry unite in support of the industry and meet in Washington, DC on Capital Hill. The day is an opportunity for golf industry leaders to meet with Congress and share details about the many benefits from economic impact to charitable giving and everything in-between. Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina realizes the huge impact and role golf plays in his state with tourism being the state’s number one industry. “I have a love and respect for the game and have seen how golf helps build character, relationships and move agendas. This is especially true with children and their development through the confidence and encouragement golf provides” says Clyburn. Golf is a conversation worth joining #NGD15 @wearegolf

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