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Two Good Rounds celebrates golf lifestyle and the art of connecting. Join us on this journey to connect and enjoy the beauty that is golf - before, during and after a round.

How It All Started

Elisa Gaudet set out to discover why golf has such a powerful and lasting impact on people's lives--spanning from professional golfers and A-list Athletes to CEO's of major corporations. Gaudet wrote a three-book series entitled Two Good Rounds which is comprised of 123 thought-provoking stories and behind-the-scene interviews with pro golfers plus top athletes and noted CEO's from around the world.

In 2011, Elisa Gaudet launched Two Good Rounds, a golf lifestyle brand with the first book in the three-part series: Two Good Rounds – 19th Hole Stories from the World’s Greatest Golfers based on interviews with 36 of the top tour players sharing fun and interesting never-been-told-before experiences from both on-and-off the golf course.

The second book Two Good Rounds Superstars - Golf Stories from the World's Greatest Athletes includes interviews with 54 of the world's greatest athletes from a variety of sports that all play and have a passion for the game of golf.

Two Good Rounds Titans - Leaders in Industry & Golf includes interviews with 33 highly successful CEO's and explores their joy of golf and the time-proven connection between golf and business.

Gaudet has worked in the golf industry for more than 15 years including tenure with the PGA TOUR and the Tour de las Americas prior to authoring the Two Good Rounds book series. She is a leading golf consultant and CEO of Executive Golf International and the founder of Women's Golf Day.

This captivating book series is a must read for every business and golf enthusiast.